BioGeniv is a family owned and operated American business, committed to product development, manufacturing, warehousing and top-quality customer care. Our service offerings span into the medical field. Whether you are seeking assistance in developing a new product or wish to improve an existing one, we listen, advise and help you produce the necessary items to achieve your goals.

Product Development

New products require research and development before production can begin. We will design and construct prototypes for your experimenting and final testing phases. Once we have successfully met your goals and you are ready to proceed, we create molds, cutting dies, and additional tooling required to produce your parts in any quantity. ABS, styrene, PVC, polyethylene, or polypropylene are only a few of the options we have available.

With our network for thermoforming, injection, extruding, and fabricating, we provide custom parts that meet your exacting standards.


We can provide you with off-site fulfillment services by warehousing and shipping your goods remotely. This practice reduces your need for additional space and staff, thereby lowering your overhead and saving you money.


Our medical device packaging operation implements c GMP’s (current good manufacturing principles) and has packaged over 750 million parts to date.

Quality and Documentation

From assemblyheat sealinginspection, and finished packaging, quality is assured throughout. Sterilization and process validation can be provided, as well as procedural document writing services.


We provide fast and efficient collating services for catalogs, price lists, and sales materials preparing these materials for bulk mailing or distribution. We will also assemble and package a variety of small parts, packets and kits as we do for many of our current customers.

The staff and management at BioGeniv take a conservative and common sense approach to opportunities presented to us. Our goal is to reduce your cost, improve the product, and provide superior customer service.